Mobile Immunization Clinic

We Will Come to You!

Looking for a convenient way to get vaccinated? Consider arranging for our MOBILE IMMUNIZATION CLINIC to provide vaccinations at your place of business or home! If you’re unable to come to us due to a scheduling conflict, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our healthcare professionals will come to your location and immunize a group of people (a minimum of 10 people, please).

As an employer, you can prioritize your employees’ health and protection by dispatching us to immunize your entire staff. Moreover, Immunize L.A. offers mobile immunization clinics throughout the greater Los Angeles area. During these clinics, our trained staff will arrive at your location on a preset day and administer immunizations to all your willing and eligible employees. In addition to that, participation is voluntary and requires consent. Thus, we also welcome and encourage employees’ family members to attend the scheduled event and get protection.


Payment terms will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, depending on vaccine cost and availability, the number of employees, and the travel distance. Furthermore, we normally require a minimum of 10 participants, but if your company employs fewer than twenty people, we will make an effort to accommodate you. Likewise, to ensure the effectiveness of each immunization, our healthcare professionals adhere to strict safety guidelines and follow the recommended vaccination schedules.

In addition, Immunize LA provides comprehensive counseling and educational resources to inform your employees about the benefits and risks of vaccinations. Therefore, all employers are encouraged to notify their staff about the clinic’s date, time, and exact location, including charges for family members if your company does not cover them. Qualified individuals may participate and pay their charges.


Our mobile immunization clinic offers active and convenient options for getting vaccinated. For instance, you can select a location of your preference, and our healthcare professionals will administer the vaccinations there. This way, you avoid the hassle of scheduling an appointment, traveling to a clinic, or taking time off from work or school. We understand your daily routine, and our trained staff will minimize any disruption by coming to you.

Moreover, we tailor our services to address your unique needs and concerns, ensuring you receive the appropriate vaccinations based on your age, health condition, and risk factors. With us, you can rest assured that you are receiving high-quality care without leaving the comfort of your own space. In summary, our active and personalized approach guarantees that you get the protection you need while enjoying a stress-free and convenient experience.

Finally, we encourage each employee in your business to take a personalized vaccine list quiz. This quiz is developed and recommended by the CDC and is a reliable tool for identifying which vaccines each person requires based on their age, health condition, and risk factors. By taking the quiz, employees can better understand their unique immunization needs and receive the appropriate vaccinations accordingly.

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Immunize LA is committed to providing the highest quality immunization services to our patients. We understand that each patient has unique vaccination needs, and our trained healthcare professionals work closely with each patient to identify their specific requirements.

Additionally, we offer a range of immunizations for various age groups and health conditions, ensuring that our patients receive the appropriate vaccinations for their individual needs. With our patient-focused approach, you can rest assured that you will receive personalized care and attention from our team at every visit. For additional information visit our FAQ page.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to inquire about scheduling a clinic at your location and secure your group’s protection. With limited vaccine supply, it’s essential to act fast to ensure your group’s immunity!