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Cholera is a severe illness caused by contaminated water and food, can lead to life-threatening diarrhea and vomiting. Protect yourself with cholera vaccines, especially when traveling to high-risk areas.

Why Should You Consider Cholera Vaccination?

  • Traveling to regions with active cholera outbreaks
  • Visiting places with unsafe drinking water and food
  • During humanitarian crises with high cholera risks

Vaxchora: The Only FDA-Approved Cholera Vaccine in the U.S.

  • Suitable for individuals aged 2-64 years
  • Single oral dose, taken at least 10 days before travel
  • Reduces moderate to severe diarrhea risk by 90% at 10 days, 80% at 3 months
  • Long-term protection beyond 3 months is currently unknown

Travel Health Tips

  • Consult a doctor or travel clinic about cholera vaccination
  • Ensure safe drinking water and food consumption during travel

Stay safe and informed when traveling to areas at risk for cholera. Visit your healthcare provider to discuss vaccination options and preventive measures.