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Immunization Schedules by Age.

Children's vaccination schedule


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COVID-19 Varies depending on vaccine type
DIPHTHERIA As per pediatrics & adults schedule – (booster recommended every 10 years)
HPV 3 shots required (Initial 1 month, 6 months for women 18 to 26 years old)
INFLUENZA 1 shot per season (August-March | Recommended October – December)
MPOX JYNNEOS 2-dose vaccine (developed to protect against mpox and smallpox infection)
MMR (Measles|Mumps|Rubella) 1st dose between 12 and 15 months. 2nd dose between age 4 to 6.
MENINGITIS As per schedules and as needed
PERTUSSIS Also known as Whooping Cough (TDap Vaccine immunizes against Tetanus, Pertussis, and Diphtheria)
PNEUMONIA 1 inoculation at age 65
POLIO As per pediatrics & adults schedule (booster recommended every 10 years)
SHINGLES 2 doses, separated 2-6 months, for people over 50 years old
TETANUS As per pediatrics and adults schedule – (booster recommended every 10 years)
TBE 3 shots for all ages. Ages 16+,  2nd shot 14 days to 3 months after first shot. 3rd shot 5 months after 2nd shot.
HEPATITIS A 2 shots required – (6 months apart)
HEPATITIS B 3 shots required (Initial, 1month, 6 months)
JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS 2 shots required 7 to 28 days apart (Prior to potential exposure)
RABIES Schedule varies depending on exposure, best prophylactically prior to potential exposure/travel.
TYPHOID As pediatrics & adults schedule -1 shot every two years if traveling. For oral tablets, every five years.
1 shot required (Pre exposure when traveling to endemic areas like tropical Africa and South America.)


RSV Shots available for adults 60 years and older or children between 8 and 19 months.