East and Southeast Asia

Advice For Traveling

  • East and Southeast Asia may be one of the most fascinating places you can visit but unfortunalty, many travelers don’t understand some of the health risks can happen upon your Asian travel. Getting the proper travel vaccinations can add both safety and comfort to your trip!

East and Southeast Asia Risk Map

Is There Any Additional Health Risks?

  • Malaria– Depending on your destination plan, Malaria is common in parts of East and Southeast Asia. To reduce the risk of being exposed to malaria, we recommend you talk to a health specialist so they can provide the most beneficial information based on your trip.
  • Traveler’s Diarrhea– This is very common among international travel and is caused by eating contaminated food/water. To help reduce the risk of this illness,
    • Eating at only reputable establishments
    • Wash your hands regularly
    • Have a travelers’ diarrhea kit.

Travel Vaccines For East and Southeast Asia

Vaccination Disease Transmission Additional Info
Hepatitis A Consumption Of Contaminated Food Or Water Recommended for travelers of this region.
Hepatitis B Exposure To Contaminated Body Fluids (Sex, needles, etc.) Recommended for travelers of this region.
Bitten Or Scratched By A Contaminated Animal
Vaccine is recommended for long-term travelers
or anyone who can come in contact with such animals.
Typhoid Consumption Of Contaminated Food or Water Recommended for travelers of this region.
Japanese Encephalitis Spread through infected mosquito bites
Highly recommended for people of specific travel destinations
Yellow Fever Spread through infected mosquito bites May be required depending on your travel destination.