Traveling Flu Clinics

Traveling Flu Clinics – We come to you!

Arrange for our TRAVELING FLU CLINIC to provide flu vaccinations at your place of business.

Immunize L.A. offers traveling flu clinics throughout the greater Los Angeles area. During these clinics our trained staff will arrive at your location on a preset day and administer immunizations to all your willing and eligible employees. The participation of your staff is voluntary and requires a consent. We also welcome and encourage employees’ family members to attend the scheduled event and get protection for the entire flu season.

Payment terms will be negotiated on case by case basis. In the past the our single influenza vaccination rate varied from $25 to $35, depending on vaccines cost and availability, number of employees and the travel distance.

We normally require that the minimum number of actual participants be 25 people or more. Please inform us if your company employs fewer than twenty people, we will make an effort to accommodate you. Otherwise you may be responsible for additional charges if the minimum is not achieved. All employers are encouraged to notify the staff about the date, time and exact location of the flu clinic as well as the charge if your company does not cover family members’ fees. Any qualified person may participate and pay their own charges.

Usually the full payment is due upon the services rendered. If it is not practical for your company please contact our office for alternative arrangements.

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